Edwardian Chiffon Bodice Blouse Vintage Antique Top Soutache and Embroidery S M

This Edwardian era vintage blouse is delicate,floaty and feminine! Long sleeved bodice is gently fitted with tucking at the shoulders. The center front is covered in intricate patterns of chainstitch embroidery and narrow soutache - it extends up to edge the scooped neckline. A fairly large curved collar begins near the shoulders and accents the upper back - it is sparingly trimmed with soutache and embroidery. The sleeves are trimmed with plain chiffon foldback cuffs.


Inches Centimeters
Bust 40" 101.5
Shoulders 16.5" 42
Waist 35" 89
Length 15.5" 39.5
Sleeve length 20.5" 52


Airy chiffon in dark blue.



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Four hidden small snaps close the inner panel in front with two pairs of hooks & eyes at the waist. The outer bodice front closes with four pairs of tiny self fabric buttons with loops - they are clustered on the upper half. Two of the eight buttons are missing. The sleeve cuffs each close with a pair of small snaps.



Very wearable with care. There is a 1 x 1.5" hole in the front inner panel just above the waist - see closeup. It would benefit from reinforcing, but it is unlikely to be seen when worn. The next largest hole I found is 0.25" at the right cuff seam - it can be discreetly mended into the cuff. By holding the blouse up to daylight, I see six or seven tiny fabric breaks that are so small I hesitate to call them holes - the largest is on the left front bodice near the waist. As mentioned above, there are two missing buttons on the bodice front. Luckily, the cuffs have buttons purely for show, three on the right and two on the left. I would suggest leaving one button on each cuff - that will give you two to complete the bodice front plus one spare. I also see a snag across the midback when I hold it up to the light.


$ 65.00