70s Wedding Boots Polly California Lace Victorian Style Vintage Shoes New Old Stock Wedding 6 6.5

Killer shoes, and New Old Stock! Slightly rounded pointed toe, kitten heel, lots of decorative perforations, flattering curves and angles to the leather and lace. The toebox has opaque support under the lace, on the rest of the boot, the wearer’s skin tones are visible through the lace.



Not clearly labeled for size. The model usually wears size 7 and they were painfully tight, so 6 to 6 1/2 is probably right

Measurements Inches Centimeters
Length, heel to toe, inside 9.25" 23.5
Width across widest part of sole 2.8" 7
Heel height 1.75" 4.5

White leather, inset sections of white lace backed by a synthetic net that reminds me of the horsehair weave that is sometimes used inside hems to help them hold shape. Soles are black composition.



Polly of California. Polly is probably best know for their classic open toed mule on a wooden platform with a metal stiletto heel.



Five pairs of white metal grommets, then six pairs of speed lace hooks, then a final pair of grommets at the top.



New old stock, never worn, but not perfect. There are a few areas of tan discoloration on the white lace – it looks like some of the glue used in manufacture changed color with age. See closeup photos of largest area, located on the outer side of the left boot. The more obvious mark is an inside shot and as you can see, it’s more subtle on the outside.
I have replaced the laces because one was missing – the photos were taken before I got the new laces, so in some of the photos, you’ll see one of the boots held together by elastic bands.


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