60s Vintage Green Black Sharkskin Ombre Skinny Neck Tie Deco

A seriously cool tie, with an intriguing mix of Hepcat and Arts & Crafts elements!There is a gradual ombre shading with a subtle sharkskin-like iridescence. Small carefully spaced geometric motifs in dark green (with two tiny white diamond shapes for punctuation)  remind me subliminally of MacIntosh or Frank Lloyd Wright.




Inches Centimeters
Widest point 2" 5
Length 55" 139.75

The fabric has a substantial feel and a soft sheen, looks and feels high end. Colors are dark green and black with two white accents. Fabric content is "100% Trevira" Polyester.



Schapira. Another label, probably the store's, is so faded I can barely decipher anything - looks like Van der Pel.


No stains, holes, tears or other problems noted.

$ 20.00