50s Vintage Narrow Neck Tie RED Silver Geometric MAD MEN

There’s something so charming about this tie! Crisp medium weight jacquard in red and black with metallic silver accents. The background weave has a fairly subtle textured vertical stripe. The accents are whimsically geometric, with two narrow upside-down isosceles triangle placed vertically, one with a red background, one with black. The red triangle has three silver circles of graduated sizes placed vertically. The fabric is most likely an acetate blend. The tie is lined with cream acetate.
Measurements Inches Centimeters
Widest point 2.4" 6
Length 52.5" 133.5

5th Ave Cravat Deluxe, Wrinkleproof, Hand tailored.


No stains, holes, tears or other issues.

$ 30.00