40s 50s Vintage Breton Sailor Doll Hat Straw Purple Velvet

What a charming little vintage hat, with a touch of 1940s/1950s sailor style! Low smooth rounded crown, small rolled brim in contrasting color.




Inches Centimeters
Circumference inner grosgrain 18.25" 46.5
Diameter, front to back 8" 20.25
Diameter, side to side 8.5" 21.5
Height sitting on flat surface 2" 5


Crown is finely woven white straw, not sure if it's real or synthetic. Brim is dark purple velvet.


Madcaps, New York Paris


I see a single faint stain about 1/2" diameter on the white straw in the front of the hat, down near where the crown meets the brim - see close-up. There is a pattern of small crush marks on the velvet brim in the front of the hat that is noticeable only from certain angles and does not represent any sort of hole. Depending on your head size, the hat might need small combs attached to anchor it to your hair.


$ 65.00